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His songs have Celtic roots, Arabic influences, North African rhythms, Indian textures and Delta emotion. He opened with New World from latest album Carry Fire.

A new world colliding with old ones, in a galaxy where time and space are mere abstracts.

A LOSS INSPIRES "American Kid" proves to be Griffin's most soulful and pensive album yet, owing to the life circumstances that inform it.

"My dad was getting ready to pass away and I was just kind of writing for myself; he was a big influence for a lot of the record," Griffin recalls of her father, a World War II vet and high school teacher who died in 2009. But it was good to have that outlet, to be able to write songs about it." Meditative, but not somber, the album kicks off with "Go Wherever You Wanna Go," in which Griffin imagines a carefree afterworld.

"We're not legally married, no," she says, putting rumors to rest.

However, their romantic and professional partnership means she spends more time in the United Kingdom when they're not hunkered down in Austin, leading to the decision to release "American Kid" overseas, which hasn't been the case for several of her prior records.

“We have now moved to another hotel.” Later, during the gig, Plant is said to have dedicated Misty Mountain Hop to the hotel.

Graeme Gibson, general manager of Grand Central Hotel, said: “‘The stairway to Grand Central will always be open to Robert Plant.

The Led Zeppelin frontman, whom Griffin is dating and with whom she collaborates in the rootsy Band of Joy, sings harmony and gets a co-writing credit for rearranging the track, Griffin says."He can be assured of a warm Glasgow welcome when he comes to stay at the hotel, and know that a tie will not be required in order to enjoy a wee dram in our Champagne Central bar.” Other famous guests have included; Cary Grant, Gene Kelly, Frank Sinatra, Laurel and Hardy, Roy Rogers and his horse Trigger, the Queen, Sir Winston Churchill and John F Kennedy. playing hits including Whole Lotta Love and Black Dog as part of their longest running UK tour.Tickets were charged £1 for all the concerts, except for the shows at Manchester which charged £1.25.The former Led Zeppelin frontman is scheduled to play the SEC Armadillo later this year as he promotes his latest solo album, Carry Fire.And the city’s Grand Central Hotel has vowed to give the star the VIP treatment if he decides to pop in for a post-gig whisky cocktail after a frosty encounter more than four decades ago which apparently led to one of the world’s biggest rock bands being booted out of the hotel.

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