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Otto Wolff, from 1900 to 1909, produced the Reichsanstalt-type of resistance standards used at the National Bureau of Standards (NBS.) At the turn of the last century, many precision measurements had to be calculated because the measurement couldn't be made directly since many of the instruments we take for granted today hadn't been developed.A known precision resistance allowed one part of the equation to be selected and the remainder was then calculated.I was given these boxes by my old Virginia City friend, Maynard Clark who worked at Mount Wilson Observatory (Maynard designed much of the computer software for the various telescope drive systems at Mt.Wilson.) These large, adjustable wire-wound rheostat-potentiometers were generally used in college and university physics laboratories when performing experiments in electricity where fairly large currents were involved.Learn More PUI Audio’s HD series microphones use premium-grade FETs and diaphragms for extreme fidelity, high sensitivity, and superior signal-to-noise ratio.Each microphone features GSM buzz-blocking capacitors.

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To select a R value one first has to know the total resistance of the box.

In the case of the Central Scientific box shown, the total R is 1100 ohms.

With the box shown, each junction is a different value of R starting at 400 ohms and reducing in value down to .01 ohm.

One has to calculate the value that needs to be subtracted from 1100 to result in the value of R desired and then insert the shunt pins into the necessary junctions to have those values of R total the subtracted value.

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