Sun sex and suspicious parents cameras

“At the top of the contract it said the programme was going to be called ‘Snow Time (Working title)’ so we knew that the title was going to change. “They also took our phones and laptops before we went away.

“A few alarm bells started ringing when we were made to sign the contracts. They told us that we weren’t allowed to post on social media that we’d been away because that would break our contract.

" "How would you feel if your parents were watching you when you throw up?

“On the night before we finished, Louis’ mum rang Louis and she said she got told by the production team to say ‘God this signal’s good it sounds like you’re round the corner.” “It wasn’t a huge surprise to see her by the end of the week.

Ah Sun, Sex and Suspicious Parents, that iconic program where you'd get to watch limp tongued three-way kisses, sunburnt backs popping out of turquoise vest tops and guys from Blackpool chanting. It was a simpler time before Netflix was a thing, before terrestrial TV became a wasteland of cooking programmes and Homes Under the Hammer.

” George and his friends only had about 30 minutes a day of peace away from their cameras.

If they wanted to leave the flat they had to ask and a crew would have to film their every move.

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He said: “Apparently going business class isn’t common – it’s because our trip was so last minute.

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