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The problem is that proper, linear and safe has inspired no man to declare his undying love for a woman. On the other hand, nobody knows where curvy conversation goes. If you’re wearing a backless floor-length dress (18%) with bare arms, that’s also about 40%. Clara, on the other hand, had no issues with the flirty part.

What you need is a little more of the flirty, curvy and dangerous. She’s 23, short, petite, and wearing a slinky black dress which shows a distracting amount of décolletage (also known as “cleavage”).

So it behooves Clara and Sara to refrain from saying mean things about their respective suitors and to stop sabotaging each other’s love lives.

Liberally ask the magic question, “What’s important to you about that?

Recently I paid a visit to New York City and got together with some of my readers at the Hudson Hotel for a little chat.

A fundraiser by mayoral candidate Bill De Blasio had taken over the main bar, so we found a bench in the Hudson Common eating area and got down to discussing love, happiness, and guys.

However, she wasn’t quite sure how to deal with their traditional mindsets, especially when the parents insisted on a bride within their own ethnicity.

I’m all for intercultural relationships, but the Polish-Indian axis didn’t make a lot of sense to me.

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