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Principal Ehsan Bazomah already knows that the new methods will be put to use back home.

Together with Al-anouod Atotaibi, Wafa Fahad and Ebtihal Alsukair, she is fascinated by the fact that in Finland teachers have to take much more responsibility than their colleagues in Saudi Arabia.

Each week has its own theme, such as the roles of pupils and teachers in the education system, different learning environments, giving feedback and making evaluations, co-operation between the school and home, or operating as a change agent.– We have selected teacher tutors from the Teacher Training School and each of them guides 4–5 Saudi teachers.

On Fridays, the participants will spend the day at the University and learn the theory behind the week’s theme with their appointed mentor, says Alasuutari.

Ghadah Ibrahim is clearly inspired by phenomenon-based teaching.

That is a teaching method where teachers of different subjects can collaborate and study the same phenomenon from the perspective of many different subjects.

However, it still supports the idea of a better world.

– High-quality teacher training is one of the pillars of an education system.

It is like a basis on which the education package is built on.

In response, the Kingdom announced a national transformation plan called "Vision 2030," which outlines a path to boost and diversify the Saudi Arabian economy and place its stock market more in line with international standards.

FTSE Russell has been monitoring the Kingdom's progress and is developing index solutions to address these changes.

– With this video, we are learning about formative and summative assessment.

Watch it and consider what is the central difference between the Finnish education system and the education in your country, Mc Laverty encourages and adds: – Remember to always be critical. Formative assessment is given during the studies and its goal is to help the pupils to develop and improve their performance.

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