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She has shrugged off the age gap, but says she wouldn’t marry again (between 1997-2002 she was married to Ric Pipino, a stylist).

In June, Schnabel was photographed in London kissing a young brunette in the back of a taxi after leaving Chiltern Firehouse at 3.30am. Whatever the story, Heidi seems pretty capable of dealing with unruly men. I thought, “Why is he dragging me into this campaign thing? Pick on someone else.” ’Then she admits she knows him ‘quite well.

Many men may only dream about undressing these incredibly hot students.

Seeing her in flimsy lingerie, touch her, kiss her, and seduce her.

It’s fashion week, so the crowd is edgy: shades oversized, bones angular. I suppose this rigid discipline must account for her phenomenal success. ‘I’ve always been in this industry with a business head,’ she says. If this wasn’t work for me, I wouldn’t want to be here.’When I ask if she’d allow her daughter Leni to model she looks a little horrified.

And then Heidi bursts through, all smiles, bouncing hair and boobs, her fingers glittering with a million tiny diamonds. She took over Elle Macpherson’s Intimates lingerie line in 2014 and it was rebranded with her name. ” ’Thank God she wouldn’t say that to someone’s face. ‘I’m that person that says you have spinach in your teeth or a bogey hanging out of your nose. ‘Thankfully she’s not really into it.’This is a blessing, ‘just because I know how the industry is, I know how difficult it is.

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And ‘Heidi bucks’ are a moot point: this powerhouse is worth between an estimated million and million, banked from modelling Victoria’s Secret underwear, presenting reality TV shows (America’s Got Talent, Germany’s Top Model), plus a scent range, a shoe range, a jewellery range and now a clothes range. All this on top of a home life juggling an on-off relationship with 31-year-old art dealer Vito Schnabel and four children (13-year-old daughter, Leni, by Flavio Briatore, the billionaire once the beau of Naomi Campbell, who appears to use Vogue as a sort of Argos catalogue of dating; plus two sons and a daughter aged 12, 11 and eight by ex-husband Seal, the British singer). They can make you more powerful in a meeting, or if you want to flirt with someone, a short skirt might do the job.’My guess is that today she is a cross between Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg and First Lady Melania Trump. ’All food is cooked from scratch, and ‘every day at 6pm we sit down and eat together. And my kids say: “I can’t wait for Monday, for chicken soup! You are dealing with [an industry full of] gorgeous young women. You have to be careful.’Heidi and Briatore split before Leni was born and last year he said he couldn’t really miss her as he didn’t know her.For many years, our renowned escort agency has been a trusted partner for cultivated gents from the highest social classes who wish to enhance their precious leisure time with a stylish rendezvous in Cologne.We look forward to pampering you with our VIP escort Cologne.So when 48 hours later I’m sitting opposite Heidi in a penthouse suite at the Soho Hotel I am agog to hear how she manages all this. Arguably her business success is down to her unashamed grasp of commercialism. Even when she started modelling in 1992, Heidi had no time for the super waif.‘Kate Moss was the hottest thing,’ she once said. I always do my schedule so that I can leave at 5.30pm and make it home on time if I’m working.’Menus are timetabled. ” ’Perhaps to prove she loves cooking, Heidi talks me through her chicken soup recipe — ‘Boil the chicken for an hour, add the celery bulb and the onion, then take the chicken out, take the fat off and put all the vegetables in.’From anyone else this would sound homely, but I can’t imagine Heidi in a pinny. Actually, Heidi was five weeks pregnant with Leni in 2003 when she met Seal in the lobby of New York’s Mercer Hotel on the way to the gym.She’s marginally less sparkling today (I hear she has already ejected one hapless interviewer) and I surmise this is because she was up until 4 am with fellow Victoria’s Secret model, Adriana Lima.‘You can’t always be work, work, work,’ she snaps. ‘Not on tables,’ she hastens, ‘although I have danced on tables before.’Last night her shoes ‘were wrong’. ‘It was not about being proud and upright with the smile glowing — a powerful woman. Part of her parenting philosophy is to stop her children growing up too fast. ‘Yes.’ Heidi is worth between an estimated million and million, banked from modelling Victoria’s Secret underwear, presenting reality TV shows, plus a scent range, a shoe range, a jewellery range and now a clothes range Food is more important to her than exercise she says. That saying has been around for a long time for a reason. Her friend introduced them and Heidi told him to sit down, but he wanted to shower first. She described him as ‘strong’ and a ‘passionate kisser’.

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