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Fisker has opened the order books online in the meantime and 2,000 dollars guarantee a reservation.

Careful though, real prices start from 129,500 dollars so the cap at two reservations per person seem a bit of a luxury problem.

Rather than building on an existing one or even on a Nissan platform though, it shall be an all new model and a sleek and powerful one on top. Infiniti showed an electric concept back in 2012 and also electrified Pebble Beach this year (we reported). The Indian conglomerate may engage its Pininfarina subsidiary in setting up an all-electric label to target the premium segment.

Multiple models could emerge over the next 3 – 5 years, effectively turning the design house that used to sign responsible for Ferrari into an EV manufacturer to catch up with Tesla.

Mahindra extends its EV line-up: The Indian car giant plans to add all-electric versions of each of its existing SUV and crossover models to its line-up.

First model to get a fully electrified twin next year is Mahindra’s compact SUV KUV 100.

Besides extending the EV incentive programme with special focus on low-income Californians through 2019, pilot schemes for new charging stations and giving EV drivers further the right to use the carpool lanes, the government itself is willing to set a good example: At least half of the state’s car fleet shall get emission-free by 2025, the same is required for 30 percent of the state’s heavy-duty fleet by 2030.

According to the press agency, the proposal additionally includes 800m euros of EU funding to motivate governments, regions and cities to erect more EV charging points and 200m euros to boost battery development between 20.

Volvo presents XC40: The new compact SUV has made it into the Swedes’ line-up and is the first to utilise the CMA platform, which builds the base for all following 40 series Volvo.

This includes the plug-in versions although these are not offered at this initial launch of the XC40.

Charging, infrastructure, Smart Mobility and LEV to name just a few. pushes for performance and has created a new label called GR for Gazoo Racing.

The first GR versions will hit Japan before they reach European markets at a later date.

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