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One user named Mathari said that some unexplained things went on in their house so they decided to use an Ouija board to try and figure out what they were dealing with.'Bad idea', they said, 'What we didn't realise is that Ouija boards open the door for anything to come through and speak.'The planchette then flew off the board and things got worse in the house, eventually leading to them moving out.

Another said the Ouija board spelled out the name 'Gemma Jane'.

Their friend had been adopted and didn't know her biological family but found out later that her birth mother had in fact been named Gemma Jane Parham.

Their second story was about when their great aunt asked if she would get married to her boyfriend.

They asked if anyone was in the room with them and the planchette spelled out the name 'Ruth', which was her grandma's name and their friend's great-aunt's name.

asked 18 twentysomething women about their craziest blow job horror stories, and here are their totally shocking answers.1. "The other night, I literally 'bruised my esophagus' (thanks Kanye) during a blow job, and I've been unable to speak for 3 days now..." —Jess, 269.

"Okay, so one time I was hooking up with one of my friends from college after a frat party and he asked me to give him a BJ. "When my boyfriend and I started dating, I had never given a blow job before. "I was kneeling in front of my boyfriend going to town.

My husband used the Draino that came with a snake, punctured a hole in the pipe, and the filthy water flooded the kitchen and flowed into the dining room with 14 dinner guests due in an hour!

”“My mom forced my brothers and I to have Thanksgiving dinner with her new boyfriend and his family.

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