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The 2014 Winter Olympics will result in huge amounts of investment in the city, with one result being the construction of the Bolshoi Palace arena.

It is possible that the city may see a new team or relocated team there by the start of the Olympics.

President of the Hockey Federation of Ukraine, Anatoly Brezvin, stated "I can not say under what brand it will be [...] Sokol, HK Kiev or some other.The team would be named Hradecký Lev (English: The Czech Ice Hockey Association however refused to give the permission to the club to play in the KHL.The team's management decided to move the team to Poprad, Slovakia.The potential of including addition franchises to the Kontinental Hockey League (KHL) has been an ongoing topic since the league's inception.It has been reported that the league seeks to expand to 30 teams.

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The low population of this area, however, makes it highly unlikely a team will ever garner enough interest to warrant such an investment.

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