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Most likely, Van Ruijven, who had collected a considerable part, perhaps, the majority of Vermeer's production, styled himself along the lines of the great of the past whose names would be perpetuated along with the great artist they patronized.Magdalena inherited her parent's money and art collection after the death of her mother in 1681 (Pieter died in August 7, 1674, one year before the death of Vermeer).The inventory was of the estate and property due to Jacobus Abrahamsz.Dissius on his own account inherited as the result of the death of Juffr.But about 15 or 16 of those 21 listed have been identified today with reasonable certainty.The whereabouts of the remaining works, which have survived to this day but were not listed in the auction catalogue, are lost in time. Three works listed in the catalogue have vanished since completely (see below no. After the sale, most of the paintings, like Vermeer's name, were lost until the mid 1800s.

A portrait might go for two guilders while the .' [ 'On 14 October 1695 Jacob Abrahamz Dissius widower on the Marctvelt in the Golden A. C., transported in a carriage to 't Wout (with 18 bearers).] Burial Register 45, New Church, Delft; Neurdenburg 1942, p. vander Meer van Delft, extraordinaer Konstig en kratig geschildert. van der Meer of Delft, extraordinarily artful and vigorously painted.)Daer een Seigneur zyn handen wast, in een doorsiende Kamer, met beelden, konstig en raer van dito.held a sale of 124 paintings, of which 21 were by Johannes Vermeer.Some weeks before the sale, on April 1696, an advertisement appeared for the auction in which were mentioned "excellent artful Paintings, among them 21 pieces extraordinarily vigorously and delightfully painted by the late J.He died in October 1695 (he was buried on 14 October), and his art collection was sold on 16 May, 1696 by art dealer Gerard Hoet II in Amsterdam. Gerard Hoet II (Utrecht 1698-The Hague 1760) was the first son of a successful painter, Gerard Hoet.In art historical publication Hoet II is usually referred to simply as "Gerard Hoet," Hoet II painted in his father's manner, before becoming an art dealer.

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