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Streamza has been growing steadily ever since and welcomes thousands of new users each month.

Earlier this week, however, the developer was presented with some bad news.

He can enter the pre-approval process to accept payments for file sharing.

This means that Streamza has to comply with the terms listed above.

Streamza, a handy service that allows people to stream music or video torrents directly from the cloud, is no longer allowed to accept Pay Pal payments.

According to the payment provider Streamza violates its policies, even though it has plenty of legitimate uses.

Let’s go over a few of these online payment services and check out the differences and why you might use one over another. Its interface is a mix of digital wallet and a social media feed.

You can add comments and notes that other friendly Venmo users can browse like a social media wall.

Venmo takes online payments and makes it a more welcoming system to suit you and your friends.

Pay Pal’s policies don’t allow “infringing” services to accept payments.

In addition, the company requires file-sharing services to be pre-approved.

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Without prior warning, Pay Pal stopped providing payment services to Streamza and limited the associated account.

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