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Transit travelers are those not staying in the country or even leaving the airport.

If there’s a “transit” area, you can head there and won’t have to go through customs.

However, on many international flights — including those back into the U. or Canada — you may need to collect your luggage and re-check it.

If you need to pick up or hold onto your luggage during your layover, you can always leave it in the airport at a locker or Left Luggage facility.

Connecting flights bring up lots of questions: Do I need to recheck my luggage?

Here is more information on Catching Connecting Flights to help break down what you need to know.

Many times, airlines do provide hotel rooms for travelers booked on a flight with an overnight airline. Here you can find lots of other Tips On Making The Most Of Your Layover.

For those crunched for time, there are some great ways to expedite your security wait time, including getting approved for TSA Pre Check.

For lots of great tips, visit our article on Tips for Getting Through Airport Security.

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