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Or click on your name, or a landlord name you would like to view arrival history for - and all their reports will be pulled up. I watch every year, state by state until the Martins arrive here in Little Hocking (South Eastern Ohio).

You'll get more results via city search, as people don't always use their full name each year - might be Tom Smith, T Smith, etc. I have made a few reports through the years and it has shown me a pattern for the Martins in this area.

Only today, after reading a post by flyin-lowe, did I realize the Scout Arrival Report was not being fully utilized by many of our senior members.

189 Fledged Louise this is such a timely and helpful post.

Your martins are certainly on their way by now It would be nice if the "purple dots" were smaller. What would be an enhancement would be to double the size of the map on the web page, then, half the size of the arrival dots.

When you click on a state, it would be nice to see a dot smaller that did not cover a 50 mile area. Looks like the dots are at least 50 miles across; or the same dot would cover at least C/C and Port O.

If you identify as transgender, or are questioning or troubled by your Gender Identity, you will find help and support in this forum.

If you do not identify as transgender and are not affected directly or indirectly with Gender Dysphoria, Gender Identity Disorder, or GID, and are not a significant others, family member, or friend, you are still welcome.

Nothing is free and the site would not exist without donations.I manage 2 public sites, and one at home, for a total of 172 cavities. Find videos that I edit for the PMCA Youtube channel at Martin PMCAI've collected all the sugestions made in this thread and others; we'll see if we can incorporate some or all of the ideas. I don't know if some can be put into place this season or if it has to wait for next year, but it's nice folks care Hi Louise, I have been a landlord in Wichita since 2002, but never filled out the required forms. Some of our members are in transition (HRT, GCS, SRS, GRS, FFS), others have completed transition, still others are pre transition, or do not intend to pursue any transition.There are an infinite number of paths for transgender individuals to cope, we support any and all of these paths, and frown on any notion of hierarchy or status with respect to transition.

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